jax.numpy.zeros_like(a, dtype=None, shape=None, *, device=None)[source]#

Return an array of zeros with the same shape and type as a given array.

LAX-backend implementation of numpy.zeros_like().

Original docstring below.

  • a (array_like) – The shape and data-type of a define these same attributes of the returned array.

  • dtype (data-type, optional) – Overrides the data type of the result.

  • shape (int or sequence of ints, optional.) – Overrides the shape of the result. If order=’K’ and the number of dimensions is unchanged, will try to keep order, otherwise, order=’C’ is implied.

  • device (str, optional) – The device on which to place the created array. Default: None. For Array-API interoperability only, so must be "cpu" if passed.


out – Array of zeros with the same shape and type as a.

Return type: