Persistent Compilation Cache

Persistent Compilation Cache#

JAX has an optional disk cache for compiled programs. If enabled, JAX will store copies of compiled programs on disk, which can save recompilation time when running the same or similar tasks repeatedly.


The compilation cache is enabled when the cache-location is set. This should be done prior to the first compilation. Set the location as follows:

import jax

# Make sure this is called before jax runs any operations!
jax.config.update("jax_compilation_cache_dir", "cache-location")

See the sections below for more detail on cache-location.

set_cache_dir() is an alternate way of setting cache-location.

Local filesystem#

cache-location can be a directory on the local filesystem. For example:

import jax

jax.config.update("jax_compilation_cache_dir", "/tmp/jax-cache")

Note: the cache does not have an eviction mechanism implemented. If the cache-location is a directory in the local filesystem, its size will continue to grow unless files are manually deleted.

Google Cloud#

When running on Google Cloud, the compilation cache can be placed on a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket. We recommend the following configuration:

  • Create the bucket in the same region as where the workload will run.

  • Create the bucket in the same project as the workload’s VM(s). Ensure that permissions are set so that the VM(s) can write to the bucket.

  • There is no need for replication for smaller workloads. Larger workloads could benefit from replication.

  • Use “Standard” for the default storage class for the bucket.

  • Set the soft delete policy to its shortest: 7 days.

  • Set the object lifecycle to the expected duration of the workload run. For example, if the workload is expected to run for 10 days, set the object lifecycle to 10 days. That should cover restarts that occur during the entire run. Use age for the lifecycle condition and Delete for the action. See Object Lifecycle Management for details. If the object lifecycle is not set, the cache will continue to grow since there is no eviction mechanism implemented.

  • All encryption policies are supported.

Assuming that gs://jax-cache is the GCS bucket, set cache-location as follows:

import jax

jax.config.update("jax_compilation_cache_dir", "gs://jax-cache")