jax.numpy.split(ary, indices_or_sections, axis=0)[source]#

Split an array into multiple sub-arrays as views into ary.

LAX-backend implementation of numpy.split().

The JAX version of this function may in some cases return a copy rather than a view of the input.

Original docstring below.

  • ary (ndarray) – Array to be divided into sub-arrays.

  • indices_or_sections (int or 1-D array) –

    If indices_or_sections is an integer, N, the array will be divided into N equal arrays along axis. If such a split is not possible, an error is raised.

    If indices_or_sections is a 1-D array of sorted integers, the entries indicate where along axis the array is split. For example, [2, 3] would, for axis=0, result in

    • ary[:2]

    • ary[2:3]

    • ary[3:]

    If an index exceeds the dimension of the array along axis, an empty sub-array is returned correspondingly.

  • axis (int, optional) – The axis along which to split, default is 0.


sub-arrays – A list of sub-arrays as views into ary.

Return type:

list of ndarrays