jax.numpy.fmod(x1, x2, /)[source]#

Returns the element-wise remainder of division.

LAX-backend implementation of numpy.fmod().

Original docstring below.

This is the NumPy implementation of the C library function fmod, the remainder has the same sign as the dividend x1. It is equivalent to the Matlab(TM) rem function and should not be confused with the Python modulus operator x1 % x2.

  • x1 (array_like) – Dividend.

  • x2 (array_like) – Divisor. If x1.shape != x2.shape, they must be broadcastable to a common shape (which becomes the shape of the output).


y – The remainder of the division of x1 by x2. This is a scalar if both x1 and x2 are scalars.

Return type