jax.numpy.array_str(a, max_line_width=None, precision=None, suppress_small=None)[source]#

Return a string representation of the data in an array.

The data in the array is returned as a single string. This function is similar to array_repr, the difference being that array_repr also returns information on the kind of array and its data type.

  • a (ndarray) – Input array.

  • max_line_width (int, optional) – Inserts newlines if text is longer than max_line_width. Defaults to numpy.get_printoptions()['linewidth'].

  • precision (int, optional) – Floating point precision. Defaults to numpy.get_printoptions()['precision'].

  • suppress_small (bool, optional) – Represent numbers “very close” to zero as zero; default is False. Very close is defined by precision: if the precision is 8, e.g., numbers smaller (in absolute value) than 5e-9 are represented as zero. Defaults to numpy.get_printoptions()['suppress'].

See also

array2string, array_repr, set_printoptions


>>> np.array_str(np.arange(3))
'[0 1 2]'