Getting Started with JAX

Getting Started with JAX#

Welcome to JAX! The JAX documentation contains a number of useful resources for getting started. Quickstart is the easiest place to jump-in and get an overview of the JAX project.

If you’re accustomed to writing NumPy code and are starting to explore JAX, you might find the following resources helpful:


If you’re ready to explore JAX more deeply, the JAX tutorials go into much more detail:

If you prefer a video introduction here is one from JAX contributor Jake VanderPlas:

Building on JAX#

JAX provides the core numerical computing primitives for a number of tools developed by the larger community. For example, if you’re interested in using JAX for training neural networks, two well-supported options are Flax and Haiku.

For a community-curated list of JAX-related projects across a wide set of domains, check out Awesome JAX.

Finding Help#

If you have questions about JAX, we’d love to answer them! Two good places to get your questions answered are: