jax.scipy.linalg.toeplitz(c, r=None)[source]#

Construct a Toeplitz matrix.

LAX-backend implementation of scipy.linalg._special_matrices.toeplitz().

Original docstring below.

The Toeplitz matrix has constant diagonals, with c as its first column and r as its first row. If r is not given, r == conjugate(c) is assumed.

  • c (array_like) – First column of the matrix. Whatever the actual shape of c, it will be converted to a 1-D array.

  • r (array_like, optional) – First row of the matrix. If None, r = conjugate(c) is assumed; in this case, if c[0] is real, the result is a Hermitian matrix. r[0] is ignored; the first row of the returned matrix is [c[0], r[1:]]. Whatever the actual shape of r, it will be converted to a 1-D array.


A – The Toeplitz matrix. Dtype is the same as (c[0] + r[0]).dtype.

Return type:

(len(c), len(r)) ndarray