jax.random.normal(key, shape=(), dtype=<class 'numpy.float64'>)[source]#

Sample standard normal random values with given shape and float dtype.

The values are returned according to the probability density function:

\[f(x) = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2\pi}}e^{-x^2/2}\]

on the domain \(-\infty < x < \infty\)

  • key (Union[Array, PRNGKeyArray]) – a PRNG key used as the random key.

  • shape (Union[Sequence[int], NamedShape]) – optional, a tuple of nonnegative integers representing the result shape. Default ().

  • dtype (Union[Any, str, dtype, SupportsDType]) – optional, a float dtype for the returned values (default float64 if jax_enable_x64 is true, otherwise float32).

Return type



A random array with the specified shape and dtype.