jax.random.gamma(key, a, shape=None, dtype=<class 'numpy.float64'>)[source]#

Sample Gamma random values with given shape and float dtype.

  • key (Union[Array, PRNGKeyArray]) – a PRNG key used as the random key.

  • a (Union[Array, ndarray, bool_, number, bool, int, float, complex]) – a float or array of floats broadcast-compatible with shape representing the parameter of the distribution.

  • shape (Optional[Sequence[int]]) – optional, a tuple of nonnegative integers specifying the result shape. Must be broadcast-compatible with a. The default (None) produces a result shape equal to a.shape.

  • dtype (Union[Any, str, dtype, SupportsDType]) – optional, a float dtype for the returned values (default float64 if jax_enable_x64 is true, otherwise float32).

Return type



A random array with the specified dtype and with shape given by shape if shape is not None, or else by a.shape.

See also

loggammasample gamma values in log-space, which can provide improved

accuracy for small values of a.