jax.lax.scatter_add(operand, scatter_indices, updates, dimension_numbers, *, indices_are_sorted=False, unique_indices=False)[source]ΒΆ

Scatter-add operator.

Wraps XLA’s Scatter operator, where addition is used to combine updates and values from operand.

The semantics of scatter are complicated and its API is subject to change.

  • operand (Any) – an array to which the scatter should be applied

  • scatter_indices (Any) – an array that gives the indices in operand to which each update in updates should be applied.

  • updates (Any) – the updates that should be scattered onto operand.

  • dimension_numbers (ScatterDimensionNumbers) – a lax.ScatterDimensionNumbers object that describes how dimensions of operand, start_indices, updates and the output relate.

  • indices_are_sorted (bool) – whether scatter_indices is known to be sorted. If true, may improve performance on some backends.

  • unique_indices (bool) – whether the indices to be updated in operand are guaranteed to not overlap with each other. If true, may improve performance on some backends.

Return type



An array containing the sum of operand and the scattered updates.