jax.lax.ppermute(x, axis_name, perm)[source]#

Perform a collective permutation according to the permutation perm.

If x is a pytree then the result is equivalent to mapping this function to each leaf in the tree.

This function is an analog of the CollectivePermute HLO.

  • x – array(s) with a mapped axis named axis_name.

  • axis_name – hashable Python object used to name a pmapped axis (see the jax.pmap() documentation for more details).

  • perm – list of pairs of ints, representing (source_index, destination_index) pairs that encode how the mapped axis named axis_name should be shuffled. The integer values are treated as indices into the mapped axis axis_name. Any two pairs should not have the same source index or the same destination index. For each index of the axis axis_name that does not correspond to a destination index in perm, the corresponding values in the result are filled with zeros of the appropriate type.


Array(s) with the same shape as x with slices along the axis axis_name gathered from x according to the permutation perm.