jax.lax.map(f, xs)[source]#

Map a function over leading array axes.

Like Python’s builtin map, except inputs and outputs are in the form of stacked arrays. Consider using the vmap() transform instead, unless you need to apply a function element by element for reduced memory usage or heterogeneous computation with other control flow primitives.

When xs is an array type, the semantics of map() are given by this Python implementation:

def map(f, xs):
  return np.stack([f(x) for x in xs])

Like scan(), map() is implemented in terms of JAX primitives so many of the same advantages over a Python loop apply: xs may be an arbitrary nested pytree type, and the mapped computation is compiled only once.

  • f – a Python function to apply element-wise over the first axis or axes of xs.

  • xs – values over which to map along the leading axis.


Mapped values.